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How Well Are You Managing Demand in 2021?

Clients leveraging reQuire’s services reduce time and stress on staff because they’re not focusing their resources on post-closing issues that they’ve already been paid for. They can reduce overtime and worker fatigue by putting their resources into areas that generate revenue and pass our fees to their buyers, borrowers or owners.

At reQuire, we want to hear from YOU. As an existing client, we care about reducing overtime and worker fatigue to help you focus your resources on what really matters. Take part in our short survey to let us know how reQuire could better help both your team and clients. As a thank you, you’ll be automatically entered for a chance to win a $100 Visa gift card. Read our full entry rules >


Passport Title Services, LLC

“We are often approached by other service providers in the marketplace and we choose to use reQuire not only because of the product they offer, but because of the service they deliver.”

These surveys are now closed. Look for our drawing winner to be announced in the March newsletter.